The first Myanmar Youth in Agribusiness Forum at CARTC, Hlegu

2019-12-16 11:25 AM

The first Myanmar Youth in Agribusiness forum was organized in collaboration with INGOs, NGOs, private companies, Yangon Regional Department of Agriculture, Yangon Regional livestock breeding and veterinary Department, Agriculture University Alumni Association (AUAA), University of Veterinary Science, and took place on 9-10th May 2019 at Central Agriculture Research and Training Center (CARTC), Hlegu.

In order to give the youth an opportunity to tap into the existing and emerging agribusiness opportunities and play meaningful leadership roles, AgriProFocus Myanmar, a Netherlands based non-profit agribusiness network organization, organized a two-days forum called “Youth in Agribusiness Forum.”

The opening speech was delivered by Daw Aye Mi Mi Soe, Deputy Director, DoA, “We are warmly welcome the voice of youths from different regions of Myanmar”.

In total 92 youth participated; 5 staff from Department of Agriculture, 12 staff from 5 INGOs and LNGOs, 32 participants from 21 CSOs, 20 participants from 3 private companies and 23 young farmers from 33 townships of 10 state and region joined to the forum.

Invited technical persons from the agribusiness sector shared their knowledge, experiences and expertise in the topics of (a) innovation vs youth, (b) good practices, food safety vs youth, and (c) entrepreneurship vs youth. Ko Phyo Thura Htay, who led for Entrepreneurship and Youth session, said "I like it that the main themes addressed here came from youth by voting. This event is great for participation of young farmers from different regions in Myanmar!"

Based on learning from the shared sessions by the invited technical expertise, the youths discussed the challenges and opportunities, the role of the youth in Agribusiness sector, and translated these into action plans.

One of the youth participants, Myat Nandar Aung said “It's my pleasure to getting a chance to participate in "First Youth in Agribusiness Forum,Myanmar" . As being a participant, I have some expectations from this forum. But it was much more awesome than I expected. Good forum, Good speakers, Good Facilitators and being a place where we, youths can share and link each other. Thanks for giving us the chance to create a better environment. I hope to get more keep in touch with APF”.

Establishing a young farmer network, providing extension services through CSOs with the involvement of youth, forming systemic farmer cooperative groups and capacity building activities are some of the action plans as developed by youth participants. These ideas and action plans were presented to the invited Government officials, INGOs and Associations during the closing ceremony of the two-days Youth in Agribusiness Forum.

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